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Cars.com Reveals Choicest Qualities of 2017 Volvo XC60

Have you had a chance to check out our esteemed Swedish automaker's compact crossover, the 2017 XC60? Well, if not, we here at Weston Volvo hate to be the bearers of bad news, but:

You most likely are missing out.

Not to worry, though, as Cars.com reviewer Joe Wiesenfelder is here to help get you up to speed. Check out his evaluation of the XC60 in the clip below:

A base trim that's altogether beyond compare, the generously equipped T5 Dynamic is sure to be a popular pick.

Standard features include 18-inch wheels, roof rails, dual panoramic…

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2016 Volvo S60 Asserts Itself as a Sedan-Segment Standout

No matter how you slice it, there sure is an awful lot to love about our beloved Swedish brand's midsize sedan, the 2016 Volvo S60. In fact, we here at Weston Volvo feel it's one of the best in the biz.

And if you're at all wondering why we feel as we do, we now invite you to check the clip below. Tag along with Autotrader reviewer Jabari Jones, as he reveals precisely what makes the S60 so very special:

Drivers with a penchant for high-octane performance are sure to go gaga for the S60's range-topping…

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Connectivity is the Rule of the Road for 2017 Volvo Models

In the most recent vehicles Volvo has debuted, they’ve shown a renewed dedication not just to the familiar areas of safety, but also connectivity. If you’ve sat in a new S90 or XC90, you’ll have noticed that features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are present to help you keep your attention on the road rather than on your phone. Now, Volvo is taking that farther.

These days, with more and more…

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Kelley Blue Book® on All-New 2017 Volvo S90: A Stunning Luxury Sedan in Every Sense

Volvo is making waves. Flush with the financial backing of new Chinese ownership, the Swedish automaker has been investing heavily in design and technology. Volvo's redesigned XC90 SUV debuted last year to wide acclaim, and comes the S90, a midsize luxury sedan that has striking good looks, excellent road manners and an interior that is an oasis of calm, according to Kelley Blue Book® in a new review.

Among the innovations Volvo has introduced in the S90, one of the most interesting and promising is Volvo's Pilot Assist, a stepping-stone on the way to fully autonomous cars...

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2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country is the Modern Version of Steampunk

Did you read Jules Verne and H.G. Wells novels as a kid, and dream about exploring strange worlds, pushing the limits of technology, and having grand adventures? All while dressed in your spiffy top hat and fancy pocket watch, of course!

"Steampunk" remains a popular genre to this day for science fiction novels, television shows, and even roleplaying in costume. Convention-goers... you know who you are.

While it may not be anachronistically decked-out in gears, brass, and goggles, the 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country captures the spirit of steampunk for the modern world. Its capability is...

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Love the Florida Coastline? How Volvo is Helping Keep it Around for Our Grandkids

If you have ever looked at one of those maps of the world if all of the ice-caps melted, you may have noticed... Florida isn't on it. While it may take hundreds of years for our entire state to vanish off the coast, predicted rates of sea-level rise put Fort Lauderdale, and even our more-inland Volvo dealership in Davie under the tides by the end of this century.

It's a…

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Volvo Safety is For Everyone, Kids Included

When it comes to vehicle safety, there’s a lot of talk about driver assistance features, air bags, and seat belts—as there should be—but we can’t forget one very crucial aspect: the safety of the next generation, our children. Here at Weston Volvo, we think the safety of all members of the family is equally important, which is why we’re glad to be able to offer our customers the option of Volvo Child Safety Seats, because it shouldn’t just be a better journey for some, it should be a better journey for everyone.


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For the Model that Reached for the Stars, Happy Late 25th!

We’re a bit late in wishing the Volvo 850 it’s due congratulations because last month this iconic Volvo model celebrated its 25th anniversary. This is an important model, debuting a lot of Volvo- and world-firsts. It also gave rise to some very recognizable characters later on in Volvo’s lineup, so in the interest of respecting where we came from, here at Weston Volvo, we want to say congratulations to Volvo and a happy 25th to the Volvo 850.



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Two Smaller Concepts to Join Volvo Lineup

If you’re a fan of the Volvo lineup, you may have noticed that there aren’t too many options for drivers who are seeking small or compact cars. That’s one of the reasons our preferred automaker has just announced the unveiling of two new concept vehicles, called the Concept 40 series. They’re the first to be built around Volvo’s new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), a platform created specifically for smaller cars, allowing designers and engineers to embrace bold and daring new directions. Check out these stunning concept vehicles in the video below!


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Volvo to Introduce In-Car Delivery Service

While automakers have long been in the business of designing, engineering and launching new and redesigned automobiles to the public, they're also taking on the challenge of simplifying the lives of their customers. Volvo Car Group is one of the automakers committed to going beyond operations and serving society by protecting what's truly important to their customers.

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